Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Epidemic Beach Camp

Mid July Prestin participated in the Epidemic (youth group at Flipside) Beach Camp. Deron & Steve drove up to Leo Carrillo Beach (some 25 miles north of Malibu) to join in the fun for two days of it. We had hoped to give some surf lessons, but there were literally no waves!!! It was pretty hard core camping, we're talking tents and no power!!! By the end of the week several of the young people had given their lives to the Lord! Here is Deron enjoying one of the skits being put on by the young people. Prestin helping Jorge create their team poster.
They played various creative, strange and perhaps gross games. Here they are lined up ready to do a baby food relay. Many of them nearly gagged.
Prestin had to choke down a jar of baby green beans. Yes, he did gag!
Here is Steve with Kevin Ibanez (young life pastor at Flipside)

Huntington Library

In early July Jeff Logsdon invited Steve to join him in a day at Huntington Library. It is really more like a huge garden and some museums. And it is not in Huntington Beach but near Pasadena! There were many sections like this Japanese garden that displayed the beauty of the various places around the world totally highlighting the creativity of our God!
Here's Jeff (connections pastor at Flipside) and Steve.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

With 1 Voice - Summer Edition

During the summer months we are doing With 1 Voice twice a month. These are opportunities to come and linger in God's presence as we worship and respond in prayer for a couple hours (first and third Mondays). We have had various themes such as the names of Jesus, to gazing on the Throne of God as found in Revelation 4 and 5. Each time our team is slightly different adding new dynamics. In this photo we had an intimate night of loving on God and receiving His love through the book of Song of Songs. This was an interesting night when everything seemed to be hard as we worshipped and prayed out the various names of Jesus. Undoubtedly, this was a significant time of spiritual warfare!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flipside's "Mad Hatter's" Tea Party

On Saturday, June 20th, we had a wonderful time with Flipside's first annual tea party!!! Alisha (creative arts pastor at Flipside) headed the whole thing and Pam & I were a couple of the helpers who decorated tables and prepared yummy and petite finger foods.I got the "black" table which looked incredible with all my china. Pam & I had so much fun unpacking it but it was a bit of a challenge trying to find it in our storage shed. Can't wait till it gets to come out for good!!! Aren't the black tea pots cute? Everyone got to take one home!
Pam had the "white" table and her things looked so beautiful and delicate!!!
The "purple" table... I love the purple tea pots!
This is the "red" table and it was decorated adorably with "Mary Engelbreit" china... absolutely adorable!
Deanne, Carrie, and Jane, dressed for the occasion, even with cute hats. They make the "green" table stunning :D
The "yellow" table... decorated with sunflowers...
Alisha's beautiful face... leading the ladies in fun & games!
A glimpse of the room... it was beautiful!!!

Deron's Party

With the garden all decked out and the foods equivalent to a five star caterer, Deron's 21st Birthday Party erupted! The foods and the friends just kept coming!
Dan, Travis and Curtis
Jasen always loves a good eat!
Shellie & Pam working the kitchen
Kristina & Brad
Pam & Shellie tasting the treats!
Shellie & Steve
The fire pit was a real hit!
Matt chatting with Steve
Cambria, Lauren & Kristina
Around the circle of friends.
Ken & Pam watching the Angels beat the Dodgers and happy because of it!Deron opening some of his pressies!
Deron's cake (as per his request) - cheese cake with raspberries crowded in around the edge, topped with rich carmel sauce, Heath bar chunks and drizzled with white chocolate. Then for the daring, topped with hot fudge from the fondue! Tasty!!!

Going "Bang Bang" in the Desert

Friday, June 19, two vehicles were spotted heading out to some remote place in the desert with an arsenal of party poppers. Then in temps that reached the low 100's bang bang's could be heard! Chris, Deron and Prestin stop to pose for this manly shot! Ready, aim, fire! Ken was helping Prestin zero in the scope on his (Ken's) new bull barrel 22.
Deron hitting the mark!
Prestin with the big gun!
Even Steve gave it a pop!
Deron shows what's left of Santa before we demolished him with the shotgun! The bigger holes were made with the other guns at 100 yards. Zeroing in Prestin's gun.
Chris inspecting the 22.
On our way home, Deron experienced the first flat in his truck.
It was a much bigger job than we anticipated!
Deron got a big work out.
Back at home, gun cleaning time!

Deron turns 21

Deron, our eldest male child, has just turned 21. We celebrated his birthday stuff over a few days. Starting with opening his gifts, in a rather laid back manner, literally! Of course Purlie was right in the midst of it! Checking out the new mini!
Jasen & Prestin watch so attentively.Mom & Dad goofing around with Deron
Dad is a bit dyslexic. The fingers were supposed to read 21, not 12. Oops!
Happy Birthday Deron! We are so proud of you!